Things to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Helmet

It's no secret that motorcycle helmets are practically required when riding a motorcycle. The vulnerability of motorcycles especially when compared with other vehicles on the road is simply too much to neglect. Because of this, there are laws that mandate wearing of helmets when on a bike. In some places, these laws can have pretty unforgiving sanctions which is kind of ironic considering that the objective of these laws is to ensure a motorcycle driver's safety.


When buying a new helmet, it's important to know what factors to consider. There may be a handful of tips for new riders out there that can talk about road safety and on-the-spot decision makings. But without a reliable helmet, those tips aren't going to be as effective. Here are some things to consider when choosing a helmet from a store.


1.    Fit and retention
It's obvious that helmets have to fit snugly to provide the protection it promises. Not all heads have the same size, so it's important to try out different helmets and see which one can keep a good fit after giving it a good shaking off. Naturally, it's best tested with straps put on just to simulate jerky movements.


2.    Comfort


Just because motorcycle helmets should fit well doesn't mean it has to be constricting. Having too tight of a helmet may lead to bad judgment and slow reflexes. This adverse effect is generally attributed to blood vessels and nerves constricted by a helmet's bad fit. Comfort might not be as easy to test as the previous entry on the list. Motorcycle owners should nevertheless, try it on for several minutes and see how it actually feels after being worn for a long while.


3.    Cost


The price of motorcycle helmets vary depending on the manufacturer. Having a fixed range of budget is a good way to avoid overspending or spending too little for a helmet with bad quality. But before determining a fixed range to spend, it's important to read first about what helmet brands and models are available for different price ranges. It doesn't make any sense to set a budget in stone without knowing what actual prices are in the first place.


4.    Appearance


While some might frown at the inclusion of looks as a determining factor of picking a motorcycle helmet, there is practically no reason why it shouldn't be considered. Not everyone are satisfied with a helmet that has a solid color all over. In fact, almost everyone doesn't want to be wearing a helmet with a mediocre design. Superficial as it may seem, there is nothing wrong with being picky about a helmet's design.


5.    Certification


After all is said and done, it's imperative to first and foremost, pick a helmet that is certified by the DOT. After all, the purpose of a helmet is to reduce or altogether avoid injuries in a motorcycle accident. Check out some helmets that satisfy all these categories over  at and cross-reference their helmets with reviews from satisfied customers.